Thursday, August 28, 2008

iPod Touch/iPhone Gripes

iPod Touch/iPhone wishlist:After using the iPod Touch for about a month now (each), my friend Simon and I have come up with a wishlist for Apple's hot touchgadgets. While some of these are highly unlikely and probably only important to a niche market, I hope many of you will agree and wait for Steve to announce a really cool looking way to do this that limits everything (I have issues with how closed off Apple is at times, which is the same thing Mac users say about Microsoft, ironically). Anyway, without further ado...

=Copy/paste (update: coming soon!)

- Open link in new tab (Safari)

-Continue playing music from other apps (so I can listen to Pandora while playing a game)

-iTunes radio stations (although AOL radio is the best thing they've done since AIM)

- Yelp for the touch!!!----
-Tabbed browsing (switch without tap)
-Reload-previous page on stop command
-Faster boot
-Easier app-closing
-Backplate replacement/complimentary buffing service
-Faster sync
-Google calendar sync/default
-Email search and tagging
-Play music apps while playing games
-Hidden options manual
-dedicated text-entry "button" - email
-Autofill forms
-Custom icon (other than web pages
-Reverse scroll on home page
-landscape keyboard option standard for all apps
-screen orientation lock
-edit font size to full width
-edit font type
-complete full screen reading
-auto scroll down
-louder alarm
-infrared tv remote
-multiplayer games across wifi/infrared


Anonymous said...

Hi Nice Blog .If you fast forward through your play list, ipod replacement battery will need to fill its cache more frequently, thus accessing the hard drive more often and using more power. This will decrease overall battery life.

D. Patrick Caldwell said...

I have the same gripes. I have one additional gripe and a solution to one of your gripes. The additional gripe is that Microsoft has been making mobile OS devices for almost a decade longer than Apple has and they couldn't come up with something nice like the iPhone? I'd much prefer a mobile windows but their devices are clunky. I mean, they saw the iPods and they still didn't try a nice form factor. Now, blackberry is moving in on it and windows mobile is still behind. Ugh.

The opening links in new tabs . . . just my post about safari on the iPhone