Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why Twitter Clients?

Call me ignorant, but with a fast-loading website, I don't see the need for desktop Twitter clients. I update my status probably a couple times a day and I don't find it too difficult to update it quickly. My current setup:

- Rocketdock with a Twitter icon
- Google Chrome application shortcut, saved password

It works beautifully. One click access and I can update my status quickly... why TweetDeck? I might start using this gadget though.


Kunal said...

twitter is pointless.

Rishi said...

While I understand the inherent purpose behind Twitter, I must raise key points of awareness as to its ultimate impact on today's real time information exchange.

First, the idea of allowing users and clients to stay updated with status changes of individuals seems innovative at first. But let us consider the relative usefulness of such a medium of information exchange. One can understand following real-time updates on day to day basis for individuals that hold a position of power or notoriety. However, "Twitter-ers" that have no impact on events at the state or national level are, in my opinion, drowning in their own pompousness. While that may seem rather dramatic, I am not alone in the view that most Twitter users are just not of utility past the local level.

My second point is that the essential concept behind Twitter had already been established long before this new sub-culture of real-time "stalking" matured into an internet based forum. I am referring to status updates on Facebook. Every user has the discretion to have their account automatically directed to the home page in which a list of users with status changes is displayed. So why create an entire website dedicated to just a single aspect of Facebook? I believe it is just another shot in the dark capitalist venture that has duped the American society into thinking that we are reaching new ground with technological mobility.