Thursday, May 12, 2011

Apple Support

Everyone always cites Apple's great support and customer service when they praise the company's products. Having owned an Apple product or two (iPhones, iPods, and an iPad), I haven't been able to see this until now. I have fixed most issues myself including cracked screens and the like. However, a couple weeks ago a shoddy headphone splitter that I had lying around broke inside the headphone jack on my new iPad. I was very angry and devastated. I tried every single trick suggested on forums, but nothing worked. Here's what did: I took it to the Apple Store on Walnut St. in Philadelphia. I waited for about 10 minutes for an "appointment". The guy took out a little penlight and fuddled with it for a minute like I had for hours over the past weeks. Then he apologized, asked if I had stuff backed up, and went and got me a new one. Brand new, he even took off the plastic in front of me.. I was out in 20 minutes total.

Now that's service.

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