Thursday, May 29, 2008

Modding the XBox

Well, I'm currently transferring the files to mod the XBox via FTP, now that the capability has been activated. I must say, this brings an amazing thrill to see that the insides of these electronic components are simply just a computer, with much more functionality than you would imagine otherwise; no longer is a console just a game box! I havn't had this thrill since last summer when I hacked my Motorola RAZR V3. With the cell phone being even more ubiquitous, perhaps that is more applicable to many of you, especially since the RAZR is the most popular phone of all time. With such popularity comes much work among the hacking community (as with the iPhone, whose insides were solved in a matter of days). It really gives you a sense of uniqueness when you take something that everyone has and modify it the same as you would your room or cubicle. In such a digital age, this is the way to be an individual!

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