Monday, May 26, 2008

Software that I use that nobody does

Sometimes, people who use my computer get really confused. They look for iTunes and they don't find it. Or Firefox. Or AIM. Is it possible that I don't listen to music, browse, or instant message on my computer? Quite the contrary. Here's what I use instead:

Music: Windows Media Player. Nice and simple, and it gets the job done. If you already have all your music in a folder and its organized, there's no reason to use iTunes. Especially if you have a simple flash mp3 player like a Sansa or Creative one, it's very easy to drag-and-drop files right into it.

Browsing: Maxthon 2.1. Why? Because way back in the day, when Mozilla was really slow and I was looking to escape IE5, I found it and it made my day. I've stuck by it loyally ever since. Some of the best features that it has but Firefox doesn't have are Super Drag and Drop and special mouse commands. For example, if I move my mouse up and down really quickly, it refreshes the page. Sweet.

Instant Messaging: Trillian Pro 3. This is an absolutely awesome software that I've been using since 2002. The pro version needs a bit of keygen searching, but it may even be worth the $25 they charge. From one application you can connect to IRC, YIM, MSN, AIM, and ICQ. Furthermore, you can get plugins to give you all the functionality of the Vista Sidebar, which I've enjoyed for years. You can get slick skins and override people's obnoxious typeface settings. This way, I can stand the geeks who think its cool to have lime-green on black Courier or the Plastics who insist on Comic Sans violet on pink text.

Am I weird for all this? Perhaps. But try these three out, and they might just bring as much joy to you as they have to me. They should all be easily available with a good Google.

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