Monday, June 9, 2008

Haru Sushi in Philly

Yesterday I got the chance to visit a nice sushi place in Old City (Philadelphia) with a really cool Japanese twist on some standard desserts. Out of the many cool options, I chose the "Strawberry Cheesecake Tempura", mostly because it sounded cool and I didn't want just another ice cream or chocolate lava cake. However, the tempura did frighten me a little bit - how would fried food like that go well with something sweet and fruity? I've had fried bananas before and those turned out well, but I was nevertheless afraid. What happened was pretty cool - much like the fried cream cheese that some people enjoy so much, this had tempura batter surrounding a filling of cheesecake, along with a delectable strawberry dipping sauce. For a non-fusion restaurant, that's pretty impressive. The rest of their menu options are reasonably priced and from what I had (the few vegetarian rolls), you don't sacrifice quality. Check them out at 3rd and Chestnut or online (they have multiple metropolitan locations) at

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