Sunday, June 15, 2008

North Beach Festival

Today I went to the North Beach Festival in San Francisco, CA. For the next few months I'll be covering events and other happenings in the Bay Area instead of Philly. Anyway, it was a great festival showcasing San Francisco and its great diversity. There were booths peddling various flavors of jewelry, clothes, art, and yes - food. The jewelry ranged from authentic cultural types of jewlery (I saw some South/Central American stuff) to more stylistic, urban jewlery. The clothes were all over the place, from humorous T-shirt vendors to ridiculous-looking summer BBQ wear with odd patterns on it to alternative cultural icons on organic cotton tees and tanks. My favorite of the day was a series of baby shirts that said, "I'm <1,>, what's your excuse?". The art was also great, with many artists and photographers showcasing both international pieces, abstract, and many San Francisco ones. Several aspiring photographers could also been seen going up to Coit Tower, which was a stone's throw up a steep hill from the north edge of the festival. The food was great too - everything from mozzerella skewers to corn on the cob to many ethnic delicacies, as well as a host of vendors selling different marinades, oils, and sauces that they had concocted. Personally I was tantalized by a Spicy Teriyaki Ginger sauce, which I'll try out sometime this week and post what I came up with.

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