Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Why don't more people blog?

Blogging has been found to be have calming effects for those with chronic diseases and cancer patients. Furthermore, it gives one an outlet and contact with potentially many people. And, if you're good and people like what you have to say, you can make a few bucks. Why could it be that most people don't blog or even read others' blogs? While blogging has gotten much publicity and many people know of their existence, only 25% of Americans will ever read a blog in a given month. Are the blogs out there just not satisfying people as well as their favorite magazines and newspapers are? As far as I'm concerned, for specialty interests, blogs are as good as they get. It gives you a direct link to someone in that niche community and allows you to share and exchange ideas. Some of my best music comes from suggestions given on blogs. A lot of what I know about the world of electronics does, and new cars, etc. And time isn't an issue - Americans are spending increasingly more hours at their computers, often just checking their email or fantasy baseball/basketball/football teams. So what gives?

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